Sunday, March 22, 2020


Too many of the fearful are afraid of change, though change is consistently inevitable.

Here it shows as sad that so many of the elderly want to press the scale in favor of more of the same with the vice president to the last full measure of more of the same. Trump is also more of the same, only worse.

Sanders is the only candidate who has long stood for a nation at essence beyond corruption. Why would fear in the elderly not come to life as respect for the views of the youth, in their own progeny? Fear of change is the only explanation tangible here.

Why won't you trust your own children? Why won't you empower them, rather than voting to show them that their views will never matter?

Trump is absolutely screwing the elderly, and everyone but the very wealthy. That's not you. He's also screwing the planet and all humanity's relationship with the planet.

Biden will prove to you that all DC is owned by corporations, their lobbyists, war-mongers and their industries, death dealing insurance systems and profiteering to sustain the most cowardly, all of whom are being dealt the deal they deserve today in the caving of the stock market. Why won't you take the hint? The Earth doesn't need us.

Coronavirus is the Earth flexing its disdain for the profligate indifference of humanity's rulers. The US has been destroying its relationship with the rest of the world for too long by presuming to be its sole police force. There's nothing more there than serving an aggression only producing more of the same self destructive vibes, and for no more reason than to sustain war industries and keep all diplomacy outlawed.

Why do you allow your own intelligence to be insulted so deeply?

Why won't you get the message and find the gumption to change direction?

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Gasoline Rainstorms on Bonfires of Irresponsibility

            Thank you for all that you do. It’s been hard for most of those who listen to my voice to be serious because on the whole they’ve been wrapped up in selfish pursuits, yet the view accessible through truth is more imperative now than ever before and the moment is one of essential opportunity.

            Yes, maybe this is already proving to be a devastation for economy as we know it, and no, intelligent maturity has not been able to call the world or this nation’s places in authority to honest responsibility. But the coming time of brokenness MUST be the time when everyone capable is made to hear, see, and understand that a new social-economic systemic way is essential.

            All humanity must take a new responsibility for itself and yes, that is a larger task than ever before and a scale of reality no one has ever taken seriously. We are living in a world ruled by conceptions defined when the current population of the world and the benefits of the technological prowess we collectively hold were both unimaginable. The history of the twentieth century is the final proof of an ineptitude that was not responsible throughout and never since corrected. Worse, without mature authority indifference, selfishness, individual profit, and greed have been allowed to rule because no honest stops have ever been firmly defined or set in place.

            In the midst of this I see your determination as key and I am hopeful that you will allow me to know those places where your views may diverge from mine, if only because the discourse must be allowed as real, somewhere, even though so much more than mere discourse is called for.

            Our set place in this new reality has just begun as in flux, yet I do not see commentators anywhere speaking about egress from the coming breakup of economy as we know it into anything other than some eventual return to more of the same, and that is the problem. More of the same cannot be the next phase of our new human history and this devastation is the Earth itself telling us that we have far too long followed a self-destructive path. To respond with more of the same will only affirm the end of all human hope.

            The current manner of economy, throughout the entire world, and however one may see it along the continuum of corruption, capitalism, and socialism is based on an imperative of continuing, always advancing consumption as its engine and this is our greatest flaw. That may have been a harmless perspective all throughout the furthest depths of past human history when vast reaches of the planet were unknown and ‘undiscovered,’ but it is a completely wrong-headed, misdirected and self-destructive conception today.

            Humanity has never before had to bear responsibility for the delicate vulnerability of the environment or the limits of the planet’s resources, yet it must do so today, completely irrespective of all the barriers of culture, religion, languages, governments, philosophies, and fears of loss we all know now. Consumption as method must be wholly dethroned as the engine of economy. Profit for profit’s sake must end. A genuine understanding and acceptance of common purpose must be defined and ensconced as permanent in and as the affirmation of humanity’s responsible relationship of stewardship with the planet itself, Mother Earth.

            Nothing but lip service is granted to this idea today and that must change. Finding the voice to accomplish that as reality is imperative now and the left-right, two-branch established political system of elitist, corrupt corporate capitalism in the US is all geared up just today to shaft the last audible public voice for honest possibility in Bernie Sanders. If only because we’re about 10 to fifteen years younger than he, we must find the voice and means to put all of Bernie’s agenda into a firm ground as merely a starting place, as there still is so very much further to go from there.

            The emergency state Bernie described before this viral pandemic occurred is real. The emergency state Greta Thunberg describes is real. The inadequacy of the Paris Accords is real, if only because that did not go far enough and has no binding quality. The binding requirement of the long status quo of rule of the masses by anointed elites has proven flawed, failed and destructive of all human well-being and of our essential and imperative relationship with the planet. Trickle-down economy is a lie proven failed. Bailouts for banks are gasoline rainstorms on bonfires of indifference and irresponsibility.

            A new systemic path must rise from the devastation of economy we are being made witness to now. If we cannot see that caused into reality, we will be failing all future human generations along with all the diverse and essential variety of life currently subject to the vagaries and both best and weakest links of human use.

            If only because the words must be made clear as not merely implied~

-It is incongruous and insulting to the intelligence that the insurance process has any place whatsoever in the provision of health care. That must be brought to a clear stop without doing harm.

-All the war industries are counter-productive to essential human purpose and must be transformed into benign protection mechanisms, leaving no one out anywhere, and redefined as both preventing rather than instilling the doing of harm and apart from absolutely all vibrations of vengeance.

-The obligation of diplomatic solutions must be prioritized as essential and fully enforceable in all grounds of international conflict and human rights. All use of civilian deaths as the stuff of international conflict must result in personal responsibility for the authorizing leadership individuals wherever known or found.

-The needless production of non-essential goods lacking quality of purpose, and variant scales of quality to establish false grades of value reliant upon built-in obsolescence must be stopped.

-All exploitation of the poor for profit must be made to stop in all areas of manufacturing, industry, and the delivery and provision of goods and services.

-Organizing by workers for their collective protection from the indifference of profit-only motives must be unimpeded and systemically protected.

-The end of profit-only motives must be recognized, legitimized, and enforced as contrary to collective purpose.

-Rule by the preference of indifferent elitism, or mere profit, contrary to the findings of replicable scientific conclusion weighted with the collective moral authority of everyone impacted must be ended.

-Corporate motivations and purposes found to be in conscious disregard of scientifically defined environmental protection priorities must be outlawed and those laws enforced.

-Full funding for enforcement mechanisms must be established and untouchable.

-Science and the freedom and funding of scientists must be protected from rule by privatized and profit-oriented values of all kinds.

-All forms of economic activity that require consumption of natural resources of all or any kind must be redefined to a common collective purpose that does not prioritize, rise from, or permit manufacturing, the provision of services, or the establishment or sustaining of any economic activity which has no underlying, common collective purpose.

-All forms of economic activity must be made subject to a publicly defined and accomplished examination and rule which provides a practical standard that averts any form of consumption of resources merely for the sake of consumption or profit.

-Definition and enforcement must be established and enforced with the severest form of consequences in place that protect the public from corruption of all kinds. Enforcement must be defined with a scale of consequences set merely to stopping violative acts and practices, and protection of the public from corrupt or criminal activities, without doing physical or mental harm to guilty parties.

            This list is partial and contextual. Nothing of the kind can be put in place apart from agreement and that scale of context, requiring examination and discourse arriving upon agreement, is essential now to human truth. All our societies exist today as a function of ancient concepts and values and the cowardly and supposedly safe practices of perhaps incrementalism are not adequate to the requirements of our predicament.

We have shown ourselves that the combat of ideas in economy within a system that is neither honest nor free from corruption, and above all else, based in the ultimate sanctity of unbridled consumption as its single defining value will only bring us to self-destruction. We must instill the impact of the intelligence we have derived so as not to serve up for all humanity the dystopian future that is so well depicted in the sci-fi our younger generations are warning us with and crying for relief from today.

Along the way we must also fully re-examine the nature, character, and purpose of competition as we know it now. The derivation of honest common purpose will inevitably reshape the essentials of our thinking and foundations around the manner and efficacy of competition itself, which while not argued against here in any depth, is also an essential subject of scrutiny as a wasteful if normative practice in an economic system now driving hard and fast to self-destruction for all human society on the planet today.

We must rise from the ashes of our current failure honestly transformed into a world that will no longer be bound to results of accomplishment only as the product of one doing harm to another. Where Love is at first mere caring, please see how.

In Love All Ways

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Truing to Protections At & Upon Every Issue

This on food waste.

And here is the only most recent report clarifying the sadly obvious fact that humanity is run by hatred and greed with proof that the standing authority in humanity is not showing as or proving meet to the obvious challenges of our day.

Here is the article in summary of that report, for those that need to get the point fast and furious.

March 11
The international partnership of substance visible and seeming hopeful on waking today is that of ST&M. Tom Steyer, Greta Thunberg, and George Monbiot, three people we see here as immensely more important than their public places. Humanity is too far lacking the difficult severity of truth which the three of them together comprise (money, factual reality, and the literal obligations of honesty). The largest problem on the planet today looks like the progeny of those who know it has always been this way, very busy with standing firmly in place for the sustaining of corrupt corporate capitalism and the self-excusing, blind, indifferent profligacy that inspires.

The Earth is not a limitless supply of resources free for the taking of those who can, even if it may have "always" or long seemed to be exactly that. Maybe that might have seemed true when the man scribes of some couple few many years ago could get away with describing a day holding only two people on the Earth.

One might even say that, among the many interpretive constructions around the genesis story in the bible, is the view that sees indifference to the care of the garden as the reason for Adam and Eve's expulsion, although more prominently it seems here that A&E is the story of those man scribes' hateful determination to falsely call women evil, if it isn't just a story about fear imposed around puberty.

The lesson is nonetheless instructive for us all and we are each of course free to interpret according to our own understandings and views. Please look now to those combinations around you, like our imaginatively hopeful ST&M, that can offer and potentially supply an environmentally and honest human truth (if at least contextually for a better world) in the midst of the horrid travesty of loss brought to us as hatred through the indifference and profligacy birthed by greed for wealth and power over others already taught into the lives of far too many.

Today it seems that in the US the revolution must needs live in the 3rd party candidacy Bernie Sanders gave up in order to claim through the Democrats though too many of the so unheard voices at Truthdig make the obvious plain. The Dems are joined in corrupting health by betraying their real role. A revolutionary mindset is essential in numbers finding their way to rule results if the human race is to save itself at all. Yesterday's primary results show us that the US will not lead, but instead keeps putting further nails into its own coffin, while the people of the world are crying out for leadership that is of essence honest, now still nowhere visible in the status quo ruler's world.

Thursday, March 5, 2020


Please join the Coalition for Peace Action.

Please join Human Rights Watch.

We are here not to gain advantage over each other, but to lift each other up. All humanity must find the common grounds of truth beyond our conflicts and hatreds.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Upon a Broken Heart

The confrontation as between the elite rulers of the world and the vast reaches of the human majority holds an imperative reality we may and must all face as never before, if only because we can.

The natural necessity of the human way today required by our collective intelligence calls to us all to honor the fact that the world is round and comprised of a set of resources that are not unlimited. The elite rulers of the world, in every culture have never had to bear responsibility for this fact before.

Worse, the sanctification of profit-before-all-else thinking and greed has created a monster feeding itself with indifference, also merely because it can. The technological age and the computer, rather than aiding us to construct a healthy common ground in respect of the Earth's resources and all the living symbiotic families natural to the planet as home, have been co-opted like a hyper drive to benefit only the financial hegemony of the smallest elite that thinks of the vast majority of the human family as only to be used, manipulated merely to consume.

Humanity is now, because of this, on a firm course of self-destruction. This video by Noam Chomsky tells the entire story. And this article by Ralph Nader paints the sickening picture of what the US faces today.

Odd as it may seem, this breed of wealth in control now simply does not care. Yet because of the limits of the planet's resources and the immensity, as never before, of the human population, the misuse of the majority by indifferent, profit-only bound elitism is setting all humanity on a course to absolute ruin.

Elites may always have been in charge, yet now their authority can no longer be tolerated because their manner and practices are bound and set, in fact, only to do harm. If absolute revolt is required that may now be the only sane course because the elite set place of indifference makes this world, granted by the universe of reality (perhaps by the Divine) to the understanding of humanity as a gift, into a hell instead.

Though he does not use the same words I do, the US Constitution is out of date, as explained clearly and slowly by Professor Chomsky. Hard as that is to say, we now have a clear display of the commitment of the US Senate to stand behind the hateful agenda of the current president.

As an observer with no ability other that the perhaps freedom to have you see these words, all I can offer is your awareness that I do not and cannot stand or sit silent. I can only suggest that you carefully read my work, the We Djging, and see it as a call to honesty, which for the informed will never see any of you sitting in tolerance of the hateful agenda running all our lives today.


Too many of the fearful are afraid of change, though change is consistently inevitable. Here it shows as sad that so many of the elderly w...