Tuesday, September 18, 2018

After a Long Absence

In order to see an application to our reality of a philosophical perspective for well-being it becomes necessary to acknowledge the facts around what’s occurred, the reality of what’s not occurred, and what might still remain possible.

Bearing these weights, the philosopher is left today with little more than either to say, “I told you so” or to step back to the grinding wheel and hope for the continuing potential of honest intelligence, now conceivably arising in younger generations.

There remains only hope today that a wider sense of context might still have a chance to provide a finally resilient change of directions, where instead profit as defined and sanctified by the moneyed elite of a corrupted capitalist system remains wildly out of control and fighting back or manipulating perception at every step; where so many politically motivated “Yes”s for the cameras add up to factual “No”s on the streets and in the neighborhoods and cities.

We see a political system that buys results only for paying profiteers.

We see a new breed of candidates for office facing an old guard that’s listening to a rendition of reality resident in that level of denial just adequately blinding to leave them almost sounding serious telling bare-faced lies. An actual level of denial merely adequate to grant them cover nonetheless still to vote in a manner that remains as hopelessly intransigent as ever, because they always have, because it was old-guard industrial money that bought them into place with that requirement.

We see in the US a nation which remains officially unwilling to prioritize the sunsetting of the war-and-violence-for-profit industries. We see a nation that would sink its own ship before shifting the manner of use of its own immense resources and advantages. We see a world where the end of violence and violent thinking and indoctrination practices is either inevitable or sure to be the poison pill that grants to humanity a well earned full self-destruction.

We see tax havens that define bad faith permanently ensconced, standing firmly behind the elite of all the world. We see the denizens of profit, through their minions denying truth by means of cowardly bantering around the efficacy and legitimacy of mere journalism, a bantering nonetheless un-hesitant to order the murder of journalists to block the truth from the public.

We see nationally responsible actors failing standards of honor and ignoring warnings of predicted pitfalls to sustain a status quo merely, strictly, and only for the political (financial) advantage of boys clubs of insiders and sadly, too many of their children who will still not allow themselves to see beyond their safe palace gates.

All in an otherwise transforming world where the opportunities of technology might be combining with a respect for the natural obligations that give real purpose to human lives in the bearing of honest and true responsibility, and where places of authority would naturally become temples of community.

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