Wednesday, January 9, 2019




From a place as at an extremity, in order to compel your attention and the coherence of the press to common ground and community that honesty toward what science gives us supplies, facing to un-mitigate the experience of individual fear, I give you the following few words still worthy as a simple, at the least philosophical, though necessary statement, shared partly in tears, for clarity~

We advance our ability and our best when we choose to bear the largest possible measure of responsibility for everything we presume to rule. This is the guiding conception that most affirms our humanity in relationship with the natural world because it identifies and displays both the truth of purpose and the beauty of that, while in this view,  most affirming who we are, what we do, and all the best of our reasons why, including at least some few simple minimums. Consciousness. Kindness. Compassion. Caring. This  must be our common human ground. Fear of loss remains the primary impediment.

Every step we take,
every breath we breathe
offers the moment
in all our lives
to personally give voice
to the thought that
while science has shown us mosts of our shocking abilities
the fossil fuel age has brought us to a place of wastefulness and carelessness that poorly addresses our obligations to the future.

We are in relationship with each other, doing each other less harm, caring to find our commonalities in order to feed joy. Your choice to take more not less responsibility wherever you stand is the part of you we feed from here.

In Love All Ways

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