Tuesday, January 15, 2019

For the Texas Legislatures, House & Senate

Dear Friends
Thanks to each of you for the commitment individually displayed by placing yourselves in the important posts of authority you have chosen by the strength of purpose it takes merely to get elected. No one can minimize or deny the extent of such a commitment.

Today each of the fifty United States, and all of them collectively stand before the world and all its populations deeply challenged to find the means toward a vastly more authoritative extent of constructive and beneficial responsibility than may ever have been called for at any time in the past. The common challenges of affront to the environment, of fairness and equality around all forms of human rights issues, and to the established and habitual ways of violent thinking and war offer so imperative a combination of issues that all our nation’s people are undeniably hard pressed to arrive upon and choose effective pathways and means toward finding what we must consider fair, mature, and sane restorative solutions within a condition that finds our current state of relationship with the Earth as in emergency.

None of the potentially daunting  relevant complexity limits the necessity to act and in a manner that takes all connected components in hand simultaneously in a sensibly coordinated way. The unique and historically fought for independence and rugged individualism that reside at the heart of Texan character supplies and welcomes the opportunity to press forward for the state and nation as an inspiring gift of leadership, the grasping of which is far more than deeply needed today. You must stand in honest respect for informed intelligence and act. While honest responsibility to a continually more deeply informed public may only rarely have been a priority for established interests in the past, the arc of justice is moving us all in that direction, undeniably supplying an expanding and necessary public face for truth.

The overall commitment of the Texas legislature to the natural environment and to fairness in general is, from here, meek. As a single small example, Texas stands on one statistically derived list as the number one most dirty state environmentally (see LitterScoreCard.com). The overall manner of violent readiness in thinking may be deeply defined into humanity’s history as the face of the challenge merely to survive in a reality of hostility toward the vulnerable and delicate essence of human existence, yet our collective place in the history of civilization, also facing an absolute explosion of the fossil fueled human population that appears to be leading more in wrong directions, requires that we take on a pro-active rather than complacent manner of response because the problems are too plainly obvious. If only because of taxing authority, legislatures hold a moral obligation to lead through reparative action.

Where are you indifferent to or ignoring of  violent thinking?
Will you please act to reduce rather than cover for the violence in thinking of your constituents? 
Will you please work by individually leading to reduce indifference and violence in your state and national culture?
Will you please work to help your constituents understand that change, acceptance, and sharing an honest willingness toward the challenges faced by the less well advantaged is to live the human way?
Will you please confront both yourself and your constituents in these ways?

The United States have only minimally faced to confront or do the self-examination necessary to admit the horrors on which they were founded as a nation. The cultures and national groups that were the most long well founded on this western hemisphere continent when the first settlers arrived seeking religious freedom from oppressions in Europe were reduced to minimal numbers and successfully conquered by the arriving hordes and the government they established. Africans were enslaved and transported here to do the backbreaking work of a birthing economy.

Christianity as established in the US today is only now learning the place in itself beyond the oppression of other cultures that was so long and historically established in the normative ways of war completely prevalent in a long past bound to survival of familial and tribal groups. Like it or not, what today’s “American” Christianity is being compelled to learn is a necessary new obligation to openness, understanding, and acceptance for the descendants of those who were already here, those oppressed against their will, for all the women of the world, and others with different ideas in general.

The white man was not here first and did not have the right to enslave others to do his work for him, and though we cannot deny our history and we cannot go backwards, we can accept and hold an honest level of reparative willingness to act and legislate with the honesty and moral responsibility necessary to move this nation and world forward by means that leave no one out and newly establish a manner of relation with the natural world that will put sensible brakes on the indifferent economic juggernaut of profit to the profiteers that is destroying our relationship with that natural world today. Your authority is on the spot. We insist you live that in fullness and honesty.

Peace Process Research Group

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