Monday, March 18, 2019

On Payday Lending

We are challenged. This is our new norm. The least of gravity challenges us. Irrespective of how little we may like each other, we are One. The final enforcement may be only against the hatred within us all.

Today’s particular subtlety resides of course in the more specific. What’s challenged here is the character of the currently fully sanctified Free Market. The payday lending aspect of the free market does harm. Where you sustain that, you are doing harm. Hurting people.

Competition. Yeah, ok. Everyone gets a pass for spirited effort better than yester’s. Where harm is done, looking twice become essential.

Harm to people raises at least one flag.

Part II, The Long Lecture

Humanity is alive today, extracting itself from a long dark age that began with surviving the elements, moved to teaching us competition and war, and has risen to a technological ability of nearly magical proportion with which we may very really destroy ourselves and our ability to survive on the planet lest we waken to a little more of our intelligence and act differently.

We take basic simple steps when we use the authorities of law to put an end to those parts of our “just because we can” (make a buck) Free Market manners that hit people when they need a hand up. That’s harming people unnecessarily, unless you like to hate. Payday Lending hits people like that. Maybe it didn’t start out that way, but something got lost when the market hit charity. Here we like to put down the weaknesses that rise from hate.

As the news so sadly tells us, we’ve got a meanness problem. Monetizing everything is meanness. Payday Lending is a part of our past to see how to let go of. It’s not ok. Please see how to sunset the practices and do your best to take credit for it as an aspect of reparations very badly owed to everyone unable to read this.

If you want some prayers for that, you got ‘em.

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