Wednesday, April 24, 2019


When does the power form manner of reality come to respect the idea of wide scale well-being?

When does it occur that one's benefit need not occur as a function of another's loss?

When does Compassion occur as a legitimate reality in world affairs?

When does the pointless war industry get its sunset for real?

When does Israel stop taking the 2nd world war out on the Palestinians?

When does the US stop operating its claimed authority as the world's police by doing harm and sustaining the doing of harm?

When does the doing of harm become a bad idea?

When does humanity gain a mature respect for the natural world?

When do the wealthy stop treating the poor as irrelevant and disposable?

When does the rule of fear end?

When do governments end their rule by cowardice?

When are honesty and truth risen from their purchased death?


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