Friday, June 14, 2019

Fact & Fictions

All the Earth is in the grip today of a new state of pervasive, birthing energy and authority which is averse to and actively confronting the old form status quo of rule by a coterie, perhaps even a cabal of insular, long established elites who have fraudulently, violently, and by other corrupt means sustained an ignoring style of false face activity no longer fairly described as governing, while standing firmly indifferent to the welfare, needs, and rights of the majority of her people.

This pretense of legitimacy in authority exists only because of an imposed concept of granting rights from times now long past when rule of the masses was established exclusively by force of conflict only for the benefit of advancing commerce by the stronger or strongest, and when it was not apparent that the human population was thereby being led on a course of consumption threatening of the very ability of the Earth to sustain human life.

This is the reason that the run-away and suicidal warming of the planet is ignored and denied by counter-intuitive, patriarchal, and misogynistic public speakers and their ilk like the current President of the United States and the banker and commercial classes never willing to even acknowledge reality in order to sustain the places in power they believe themselves born into, standing on nothing more than an outdated claim to what came historically and in common understanding to be known as the supposed divine right of kings.

To sustain these would be kings today is to betray all the Earth and the well-being of all her living populations. This kingly class and their manner of operating may have been orderly or practically efficacious in earlier times, though now with levels of population all around the Earth potentially threatening the very sustainable efficacy of our atmosphere and resources, these old form styles of rule prove only failed, dangerously and deadly wrong. Beyond that it is only fraud, and generalized corruption that sustain these practices today and a new awareness is both growing in pervasiveness and arming itself to overcome the blind, denying ignorance of those who, in order to sustain their places, have become intransigent, hiding and violent sycophants ready and unhesitating to murder intelligence, well-being, and life itself.

You must now individually choose your place in this grand, very unpleasant, and common confrontation. You must live willing to know that with every passing day and every passing moment there now resides in all common human consciousness this existential reality of being that leaves you only to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. When no one can deny that while outward organization appears to be telling you to go about your business and set obligations without even thinking at all beyond them, there is newly resident in fact a condition of reality completely different and apart from the unreal hypnotic denial that modern wealth would have you believe in yourself as ruled by.

The tipping point is present before us every day and while the status quo fights hard to sustain the fiction that the king and all his inner circle have the right to go about their lavish and hidden luxuriance completely undisturbed, protected and safe, the reality of intelligence is reminding us in larger numbers day and night of the actual facts.

It is only when the kings are exposed and stopped from the harm they stand for, sustain, feed, and fund that humanity will be safe and stable on this would be golden green Earth, the grandest gift all our awareness can possibly ever have known.

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