Monday, November 25, 2019

Too Hard for You, or Otherwise?


The new book, Organized Money, by Keith Mestrich & Mark A. Pinsky, depicts a tragically sad history of our last many years during which the forces of conservative finance have successfully placed themselves at the heart of authority in such a way that even progressive interests have little ability to do other than use their money to participate in the continuation of practices, programs and principles that re-feed conservative priorities.

We've skimmed the entire text here, though have read it carefully only to about the half way point, so you can take this as perhaps less than the fullest view this writer would like to be offering today, though as always the task of the writing seems imperative to accomplish at the first moment possible, or the tragedy of isolation will close in and let the thought pass into the general gathering of heart-broken loss.

We've got an early proof copy of the book, without an index, and yet skimming the entire thing there is not to be found one mention of climate change. The book does offer action steps and points to some early innovative ideas that can help to found progress for progressive interests, and does point to the fact that some progress is already underway for progressive views (though the weight in trillions of the status quo is so massive that the entire text can sound like window dressing for the holidays or mere lip service to the reality that while conservative finance owns all authority, the golden parachute packers in control are capable of admitting that there do in fact exist ideas other than their own). Close the barn doors tight after the horses have been saved, so we can limit the air flow entering to prevent the entire structure from burning before the rain may come to help slow the destruction.

What we know is that the devastation birthed by the denying recklessness of the (corrupt when expedient) fossil fuel and profit-at-all-costs-first industries is real. We know that all the horses, men, women, and children of all the world's kings, queens, prime ministers, and presidents cannot construct any binding means to do the right thing to save lives, or even to respect the life of the natural world that offered the symbiosis for a world prioritizing the heart of its living self. We know that indifference and greed are the real kings, ruling violence averse the majority in place (think globally, act locally) as the final means of management. We know that the president of the United States encourages hatred and conflict and works to affirm indifference and greed (see Chapter 3).

Forced to violated isolation for two decades, we know that the effort to prioritize a systemically curative set of solutions was purchased out of existence by the same forces of conservative finance, so that the status quo would not have to bear responsibility on any terms other than those safe for their freedom to further rape the poor (page 60).

Metaphysical visitors to this planet from reaches beyond normal human understanding sat into my hand beginning in the early 1990's, to listen, watch, and feel, because I asked them to affirm humanity for the universe, after having read enough of the works of human history to believe that the simplicity of Love in the form of mere caring could rule the real and final day when humanity had to face its challenge to avert its own self-destruction. I asked them to do that for you.

We observe here that humanity is pressed up against the carrying limits of the natural world that is this planet and that this has likely never before been the case, suggesting that the foundation of continual growth as the elemental driver of economy has lost its legitimacy and that this reality is right to found a new kind of responsible economic form and norm, neither founded in growth at all costs, nor merely moving the pendulum of growth as between conservative and progressive concepts of progress, but perhaps instead prioritizing a consciousness of world-wide common ground beyond the truly trite priorities of competition, consumption, corruption, indifference, greed, hedging, profit for mere profit's sake, war, waste, war-readiness, denial and aggression for show.

We observe that you refuse to consider this thought. Do you? What shall I allow my visitors to know is your choice?

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