Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Winter Wonder Warm

My Dears
You were born in a time of astounding wonder. Your grandparents lived through the experience of that occurring and barely know how to see the thing described. Where we are fortunate a strong thought is that you are nearly merely deriving the ability to recognize that wonder. Within that surround, this is to speak of books and what may be found in the multitudes of trash all around us.
The books say stand on the past, leave behind the obvious mistakes, remember never forget. The books also show you that throughout history you have had markers for truth (where Truth might supply a groundwork of functional well-being) not infrequently embodied in the character of individual teachers, well identified within your encyclopedic access. Among the morass and beyond the lives of those persons their gifts were preserved in books and schools of teachings.  This awareness may seem obvious to students of being now, though how you relate to them in today’s world is everything.
Do not forget the teachers you believe in and please choose beliefs that will carry us all from the ruin we are here to leave behind as the past. We always had to fight. We no longer do. At least once a year, consciously aware, use the gifts you stand on. Take one step briefly beyond your contextual presence to ask yourself how that could be so.
Afterward, take a moment to hold at least this once brief thought. If you know yourself successfully standing on the gifts of a teacher, respect that fact by looking around inside yourself and rendering that teacher some credit in thanks for your being, at least by any means you will use to be reminded beyond the mere inclusion or containing of a symbolic reminder. Using your thinking. Alone, if only for a moment. All the necessary reverence is already embodied in the existence of your being and that being is also already the everything.

We are the whole of human consciousness. We are the lives of all human pasts and we’ve got ourselves well outnumbered. Thence arise the questions of definition and purpose. All our lives are responsibility.
Will you bring peace?

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