Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A Sounding Environmental World

What can it possibly require to see the US at least be honest about anything substantive?

Huff Post Article  It's your news. We're merely listening here.

How tragically dishonest has been everything the public may know about the EPA. Worse, we must also face both the tragedy of what is not told as well as the bare-faced dishonesty of what is, while that hypocrisy is fully salaried.

And again the public is made the fool.

Please read Thermonuclear Monarchy, by Elaine Scarry, to learn about the dismemberment of the voice of democracy in the US. There's even a specially short version for slow or impatient readers.

The continuing stance of the US for a world of violence-backed indifference to human well-being and the planet's environment only produces a similar indifference as between ancient and old form norms of rule by protected elitism and the vast bulk of all the human, animal, and plant populations of the world. The condition of the innocent masses, wholly unable to speak to power, renders a level of responsibility that only a willing technologically aided intelligence can meet.

And nonetheless, you still refuse. Worse, to charge you with the greed and fear of loss that can be the only respectful explanation is to charge you with cowardice, while thereupon (excusing yourselves as offended) you hid, in bad faith, redoubling the always-destructive impact of your indifference.

Where human intelligence remains forced to suffer this misuse, there is to worry for the evolutionary well-being of the race, holding no reason to sit back and comply.

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