Friday, January 3, 2020

Hateful Obscenity Your Common Norm

The US president commits an act of war on his own say-so by murdering the first military official of another sovereign nation. The Congress with the supposed authority stands aside to tut-tut and wring its hands in non-action.

The US Constitution, now so mistakenly revered and consistently misused, once again is proven irrelevant by another warrior king president beholden only to the industries of violence, war, and unique to this president, his own childish selfishness completely lacking in honest responsibility.

Such hateful acts of violence only breed further hatred and violence, rendering diplomacy and a world striving toward the well-being of all more widely non-existent. The people's voices do not matter to Washington and the only firm clarity, consistently able to explain the entirety is broad form pervasive cowardice where intelligence and responsibility for a fragile world stand aside as marginalized and denied.

Hateful obscenity and cowardice at rule still.

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