Wednesday, January 22, 2020

On Your Framers' Intent

As you know, the US Constitution is only one of the lesser foci of our intent here, yet of course, because of its wide splay, it renders itself very much to the view and views of all the world. Hence, on waking, unavoidably, this.

Yesterday and last night's events at the US Capitol give us proof here of the point made by our most sadly challenging claim, that your Constitution is out of date because of the hegemony of industrial corporate influence, spiced whenever necessary with the use of any amount of money necessary to purchase results sought by those who will pay, managed first though by those who will do so without any hesitation around the bad faith of corruption.

Translation~ the US Constitution is flawed, failed, and out of date because it cannot serve truth by virtue of the corruption of those in place to be the very guardians of its legitimacy. This has been an easy and obvious claim to make for many years. Last nights votes gave slam-dunk proof.

The Constitution seems to have been built by people who knew their lives were on the line in doing so. The framers' stated doubt about whether its legitimacy could be preserved probably just meant that it had to be guarded by future generations similarly willing to put their lives at risk. There is no doubt here that the corrupt of today, who sit in comfort like the king of 18th century Britain, will commit murder to have their way.

Perhaps it is to risk their very lives in honest respect for the truth of that Constitution that the Senate had been called to. We can hope for the final vote. Just as obscene as last night, however, is the tidal wave of loss in the would-be better uses for the good of the people also now spent instead on the sustaining of salaried commentators we must live to listen through until that final vote occurs.

Our condolences are granted to the Chief Justice, obligated to sit witness and misused by your offensive applause.

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