Sunday, March 22, 2020


Too many of the fearful are afraid of change, though change is consistently inevitable.

Here it shows as sad that so many of the elderly want to press the scale in favor of more of the same with the vice president to the last full measure of more of the same. Trump is also more of the same, only worse.

Sanders is the only candidate who has long stood for a nation at essence beyond corruption. Why would fear in the elderly not come to life as respect for the views of the youth, in their own progeny? Fear of change is the only explanation tangible here.

Why won't you trust your own children? Why won't you empower them, rather than voting to show them that their views will never matter?

Trump is absolutely screwing the elderly, and everyone but the very wealthy. That's not you. He's also screwing the planet and all humanity's relationship with the planet.

Biden will prove to you that all DC is owned by corporations, their lobbyists, war-mongers and their industries, death dealing insurance systems and profiteering to sustain the most cowardly, all of whom are being dealt the deal they deserve today in the caving of the stock market. Why won't you take the hint? The Earth doesn't need us.

Coronavirus is the Earth flexing its disdain for the profligate indifference of humanity's rulers. The US has been destroying its relationship with the rest of the world for too long by presuming to be its sole police force. There's nothing more there than serving an aggression only producing more of the same self destructive vibes, and for no more reason than to sustain war industries and keep all diplomacy outlawed.

Why do you allow your own intelligence to be insulted so deeply?

Why won't you get the message and find the gumption to change direction?

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