Saturday, March 7, 2020

Truing to Protections At & Upon Every Issue

This on food waste.

And here is the only most recent report clarifying the sadly obvious fact that humanity is run by hatred and greed with proof that the standing authority in humanity is not showing as or proving meet to the obvious challenges of our day.

Here is the article in summary of that report, for those that need to get the point fast and furious.

March 11
The international partnership of substance visible and seeming hopeful on waking today is that of ST&M. Tom Steyer, Greta Thunberg, and George Monbiot, three people we see here as immensely more important than their public places. Humanity is too far lacking the difficult severity of truth which the three of them together comprise (money, factual reality, and the literal obligations of honesty). The largest problem on the planet today looks like the progeny of those who know it has always been this way, very busy with standing firmly in place for the sustaining of corrupt corporate capitalism and the self-excusing, blind, indifferent profligacy that inspires.

The Earth is not a limitless supply of resources free for the taking of those who can, even if it may have "always" or long seemed to be exactly that. Maybe that might have seemed true when the man scribes of some couple few many years ago could get away with describing a day holding only two people on the Earth.

One might even say that, among the many interpretive constructions around the genesis story in the bible, is the view that sees indifference to the care of the garden as the reason for Adam and Eve's expulsion, although more prominently it seems here that A&E is the story of those man scribes' hateful determination to falsely call women evil, if it isn't just a story about fear imposed around puberty.

The lesson is nonetheless instructive for us all and we are each of course free to interpret according to our own understandings and views. Please look now to those combinations around you, like our imaginatively hopeful ST&M, that can offer and potentially supply an environmentally and honest human truth (if at least contextually for a better world) in the midst of the horrid travesty of loss brought to us as hatred through the indifference and profligacy birthed by greed for wealth and power over others already taught into the lives of far too many.

Today it seems that in the US the revolution must needs live in the 3rd party candidacy Bernie Sanders gave up in order to claim through the Democrats though too many of the so unheard voices at Truthdig make the obvious plain. The Dems are joined in corrupting health by betraying their real role. A revolutionary mindset is essential in numbers finding their way to rule results if the human race is to save itself at all. Yesterday's primary results show us that the US will not lead, but instead keeps putting further nails into its own coffin, while the people of the world are crying out for leadership that is of essence honest, now still nowhere visible in the status quo ruler's world.

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