Sunday, March 1, 2020

Upon a Broken Heart

The confrontation as between the elite rulers of the world and the vast reaches of the human majority holds an imperative reality we may and must all face as never before, if only because we can.

The natural necessity of the human way today required by our collective intelligence calls to us all to honor the fact that the world is round and comprised of a set of resources that are not unlimited. The elite rulers of the world, in every culture have never had to bear responsibility for this fact before.

Worse, the sanctification of profit-before-all-else thinking and greed has created a monster feeding itself with indifference, also merely because it can. The technological age and the computer, rather than aiding us to construct a healthy common ground in respect of the Earth's resources and all the living symbiotic families natural to the planet as home, have been co-opted like a hyper drive to benefit only the financial hegemony of the smallest elite that thinks of the vast majority of the human family as only to be used, manipulated merely to consume.

Humanity is now, because of this, on a firm course of self-destruction. This video by Noam Chomsky tells the entire story. And this article by Ralph Nader paints the sickening picture of what the US faces today.

Odd as it may seem, this breed of wealth in control now simply does not care. Yet because of the limits of the planet's resources and the immensity, as never before, of the human population, the misuse of the majority by indifferent, profit-only bound elitism is setting all humanity on a course to absolute ruin.

Elites may always have been in charge, yet now their authority can no longer be tolerated because their manner and practices are bound and set, in fact, only to do harm. If absolute revolt is required that may now be the only sane course because the elite set place of indifference makes this world, granted by the universe of reality (perhaps by the Divine) to the understanding of humanity as a gift, into a hell instead.

Though he does not use the same words I do, the US Constitution is out of date, as explained clearly and slowly by Professor Chomsky. Hard as that is to say, we now have a clear display of the commitment of the US Senate to stand behind the hateful agenda of the current president.

As an observer with no ability other that the perhaps freedom to have you see these words, all I can offer is your awareness that I do not and cannot stand or sit silent. I can only suggest that you carefully read my work, the We Djging, and see it as a call to honesty, which for the informed will never see any of you sitting in tolerance of the hateful agenda running all our lives today.

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