Friday, April 17, 2020

Email to National Nurses United

Inside Our Collective Emergency


My Dear Friends
Attached to this as a PDF is the text of a message I sent today to Marc Steiner, one of the interviewers at the Real News in Baltimore, in response to a conversation on video at this link.

Someone, and I'm asking that it be National Nurses United (NNU), MUST take up my call for a Demand to end the operation of the insurance process in the delivery of health care in the US.

I know that NNU agrees with me in this as a goal, though conventional politicians who make the suggestion (Sanders, Warren) ALWAYS get disarmed by the FALSE question, "how are you going to pay for that?"

Already, and nonetheless in the face of the advancing indifference of Wall Street's profiteers, there MUST arise the mere unspecified Demand that the insurance business be removed from the health care process, with no more specificity than that. HOW, becomes the politicians' problem.

How is not our problem, as the demand. We, you and I, are merely the demand. The matter is liken-able to the moment when JFK said to the Congress that the US should put a man on the Moon and return him safely before the end of the 1960's. The magic was in the fact that when he said that the scientists did not know how to do it.

That was real, inspiring bravery on his part. Today, money knows perfectly well how to take insurance out of health care. It's just like ending workers' jobs with automation. They only don't do it because they don't have to. When NNU succeeds at implanting the Demand, those politicians who join the effort will immediately be heroes, and with real work to do.

With that Demand, who wins the election in November becomes irrelevant, and our process of purpose MUST make the election irrelevant in such terms. The people must put the coming election secondary to the results that intelligence and human decency require.

I beg you, Please Join Me by accepting my demand as yours to make.

In Love All Ways

Cotter Light
Immokalee, FL
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Text of Attachment~

Marc Steiner & the Narcissist in Chief
The Real News, Baltimore
April 17, 2020
Thanks for facing the issues. It's good to hear others admit where progressives have failed by lack of common vision. Yes, the oligarchs of Wall Street are in charge, own the Congress and its processes, including the packing of all the courts and the Republican evisceration of the electoral process.

Worse, yes, by its failure to act the Democratic party is as guilty as the Republican, two sides of the same coin. The bad news is that we all know this and no one does anything about it other than wringing their own hands and talking all around the fact that there really is no one to vote for by means of whom the problem can be sincerely addressed, and believing that the only possible solution must rise from the next betrayal in November, and maybe the next one 4 years later.

Yes, the failed constitution says that ultimately in such situations, the people are in charge, but the people have been disenfranchised while all the progressives (ostensibly, the only hope of intelligence and honesty) do nothing.

I didn't hear you and Bill Fletcher say anything more than, vote for the destroyer, Biden, and hope for the best because he's the lesser of two evils. Biden has history, he's just another member of the machine, in fact very steeped. He'll say anything he has to before the election. After it, he'll be just as owned as all the rest.

To say now, "we've gotta talk about where to go and how to get there," with all due respect, you might as well be agreeing to roll over dead. What does that even mean? Where is the voice for the end of oligarchy? Where is the voice for the end of corporate bailouts? Where is the voice that even speaks to a real agenda beyond more tax breaks for the wealthy? Where is the progressive organizing for the end of the violence and war industries that hold no genuine purpose today at all?

Irrespective of any form of plan, where is the demand for the end of the insurance process in the supply of health care? The machine requires a plan of the Warrens and Sanders of the world addressing the question, how will you pay for that, and as soon as the question is respected at all as a fair question, the day is done. The intelligence of the people has the right merely to require the end of the insult of US government sponsorship of insurance process in health care. We all know that's nothing but profit dealing death. Why are you rolling over dead tolerating that when we sit with proof that what's in place is showing the world how incapable that is?

Read the short version edition of Thermonuclear Monarchy, by Elaine Scarry for an honest take on what's been done to the authority of the people and the Congress. You and our entire generation (I'm 66) have failed the truth, and failed the future by sitting back and taking time to bullshit yourselves. Humanity is destroying its relationship with the natural world because of the sanctification of growth, consumption, and greed in a visibly obvious reality where the time has come for the end of growth as the heart of economy is required. The stop to which this coronavirus has brought the world is the message of the natural world saying, "now you can see clear skies, now you can see the slowing of the heating of the atmosphere. Will you please stop and create for yourselves a relationship with the Earth that is no longer blindingly destructive?"

Why can't the Real News choose the ability to see the real message? Why can't the Real News be the voice of truth? Why can't the Real News be the source of the possibility that imagination and vision have reality?

In Love All Ways

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