Sunday, April 26, 2020

Thematics, Simplistic

Society must bear responsibility for all.

The god Growth At All Costs in the form of unbridled consumption is the problem (actionably because it feeds indifference), though currently the heart of economy. A very big deal to change. Make the necessity OK by understanding that all humanity never had to face this reality before.

Be the hero on your block and say so. Economy as we have it is just one of many styles of ideas, and it's proven itself self-destructive of our collective human relationship with the planet. Makes us all look stupid.

In deriving a next better path, a simple thought process might likely include one identified by the following simple poetic affirmation~

Pay for everything
Take the money from those who have it
Not from those who don't.

This can help us contextually in seeing the means to end the credit industry, the grandest insult to intelligence ever known.

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