Thursday, May 21, 2020

Betrayal Metrics

Photo credit~ Meat piled in a delivery truck in Manhattan on May 9.
Andrew Kelly/Reuters
It's hard to see here how so many can believe that they have a right to betray themselves when doing so does so much harm to so many more.

Check out one measure of the blooming honesty, reported here by the NY Times.

Maybe you do have a right to betray yourself and maybe I shouldn't care that you do.

And yet, "merely because we can" is a failed standard and a part of the reason this blog is named for systemic solutions only.

We all have to take, hold, and share a larger responsibility. The gifts of technology are so new that we have all yet to learn how to manage the careless and blind desire to gorge ourselves with luxuries. We are charged by our intelligence to find the levels of self-control that will make it possible to avert our own self destruction as a human race.

The unbridled recklessness of the free market as we know it has brought about a set of values doing us all terrible harm. Those values are a set of choices. We could be choosing in a far more healthy way, and science is showing us the importance of that.

Please don't let the seeming easy manner of the status quo make fools of yourselves and us all. We are already being told that we are condemning future generations to a continually more bleak reality.

Please give up on your dystopian consciousness. All human self-destruction need not be inevitable.

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