Friday, May 1, 2020

Popular Resistance and the Strike

Margaret, Kevin
Your most recent email is over here a thousand percent improvement. Thanks for all you do. I missed the phone call this week. Please keep your attention on gathering up and linking with younger people.

Ever more broad a stoppage on common ground that continually grows the bridges among workers, the innocent, and the understanding currently essential to what maintains order now, like landlords, and the professionals at work in hospitals can eventually precisely surround the real wrongdoers like Mitch McConnell, the big banks, and the smallest numbers he favors to the detriment of the vast bulk of the population.

I think that the alliance with landlords is a vital one for the Strike.

We are at opposition to an ensconced oligarchic coup of false and failed neo-liberalism, seeded by the Lewis Powell letter of 1971, and the smiling indifference of Ronald Reagan, with all the experience since his administration proving that trickle-down economics is a fraud (as is all that proceeds from their norm of "War Against.." [anything necessary]). McConnell holds onto power because he and all the deepest pockets know he's wrong and I cannot imagine that there will not be fraud present if he is re-elected this year. What else could possibly be true? Wherever there is ANY line to vote, that is the work of fraud.

I don't think that on the whole the Dems are doing us any favors either. They shafted Bernie twice after forcing him under their tent. Biden is just as guilty as Bill Clinton, one more measure of more of the same. This is all about sustaining war, nuclear, and fossil fuel industries over all else.

Sadly also many intelligent among the accomplished elders fearful of their own potential financial losses are being sold salvific lies about the [expletive deleted] Trump that will not materialize.

Require that they take all insurance out of health care. In the reconstruction, profit in health care can also be dis-legitimized. Remember that privatizing anything only spreads the body snatching more widely.

Every day your necessary reach grows larger, so here are the remaining magic words~ the larger the problem, the simpler the solution.

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