Sunday, May 17, 2020

Further Simplistics of the Obvious Lot

What's the point about who's to blame?

To blame another is to deny and avert responsibility, both actionable acts.

If there's discourse to have, it's got to do with solutions orientations. Nicht wahr?

Else-wise, writers on blame are wasting our attention and time, and their precious lives.

Consider the thought, please, that if there were no legitimate reason to aim at defining who's to blame, more attention for concern, perhaps even in the very same areas, could become applied to solutions.

Howbout fighting over solutions? The status quo of profit for all purposes by means of attack at emotions intended to inspire conflict and ill will is a voice for greed. This is big money's manipulation, and in light of your manner, it's you living hatred. Worse, it seems you like yourselves for that.

Can that really be true?

How do you believe a mother would respond if she did not want her children to learn that their only choice was to grow up in a world ruled by hatred and greed?

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