Thursday, July 16, 2020

Collective Myopics Harnessed Can Admit Access to Truth

“This court’s order prevents thousands of otherwise eligible voters from participating in Florida’s primary election simply because they are poor,” Sotomayor wrote in dissent, adding that the court’s decision “continues a trend of condoning disfranchisement.”

For the good Lady Justice~
“There is a different world extant. I’m glad you’re willing to see it.”

Too many of our derived conclusions rise as birthed from a colonialist’s mindset. Seeing how to challenge ourselves out of this remains a piece of the “white and European” task today.
Colonialism constructed the world we know. All of that and all of how confirmed and real everything about that may be, does not grant freedom from responsibility for an honest solutions-oriented recompense, constructive of a new world within which it is easier for everyone to laugh at our collective, myopic smallness, and still avert harm toward all.
            Take this specific example to look at, hard as that might begin as seeming~ it can be said that the entire construct for policing in the US (and everywhere that model has been shared), as we know it today, rises from the embodiment of an emotional vibration bound to the idea that former slaves had to be managed and controlled (yeah, some white people you don’t like get swept up too).
            It rises as good news to hear about institutionalists in a variety of US states visiting corrections systems in other nations. Most beautifully in Norway, the role of the jailer as unregulated punishment player, typical in the US, has no place. [Oh, God! Not feed hate. What could that be!!?”]
Face these things and you will grant to yourselves a much nicer and more purposefully oriented, balanced, and centered world.

Sumarial~ the task resides in the depth and measure to which you can face the natural questions where you stand today (given all of who we are). The Court’s majority opinion is seen here as aggressively torturous, bound in indifference and an arrogant, even studious, cowboy-like, tough-style meanness (JUSTIFIED), the stuff of ancient survivalist thinking. Less than worthy of a good read.

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