Wednesday, July 8, 2020

In Honor of Rachel Carson

          Throughout all of human history we have never had to deal with what we face now. “Ever more consumption and growth” (C&G) was always normality think with a world humans have found themselves on to discover.
          The identified end of the low hanging fruit of ancient energy resources and the damage “because we can” has done to the air, trees, and water both show us that we must be responsible to end our own profligacy. A wealthy elite has always been in charge of society and able to sustain separate economies of benefit, one for the wealthy, another for the masses, too many of whom have had to endure genocide and enslavement, subjected to the violence that brought about where we stand, with the vast majority now still imprisoned at the producing work.
Unlimited C&G has brought about ungoverned environmental destruction and betrayal of the equal human rights of all, including entire indigenous nations that most wisely never saw property as morally susceptible to private exploitation by anyone. The contrary imperatives of an exclusively profit motive orientation have led to out-of-control violence and corruption that have long sustained what is now an antiquated, unfair system of benefits limited to the ownership class and some fortunate investing few.
This sanctification of unbridled C&G also led to profit motives that birthed the dishonorable acceptability and normalization of indifference among some unthinking humans to all of life, including members of their own species! This is perhaps our greatest collective social ill.
In another sad example, human lives have become monetized objects of property for a medical management cabal (a group: insular, corrupt, hidden, and indifferent, imprisoning of all its workers, using all your lives and the lives of those workers as measures for investment and profit, universally held unworthy of respect as life). The insurance process is incongruous and anathema to human health. Nonetheless, as an engine of profit, it runs access to medical care. That shows as hatred. In acceptance of this system we have all been consenting to that monetizing of ourselves and the lives and activities of each other. This is morally complacent of all.
Systemically, this status quo is completely amiss even if the honest intelligent alternative seems largely blocked from your imagination. Did you forget that voting could be occurring at ATM (numerous as slot) machines?
We may think the status quo inevitable because it is in place, but that mere thought does not make it right, and not examining the matter further is weak of us. The situation must be viewed historically. The norm we know may have been tolerated for a long time, while the obligation of a larger collective responsibility arose right along with the technological abilities to monetize Nature, all very recent occurrences. We have been careless to affirm the normality of what we have when the educational process (even in so deeply betrayed a state itself) has shown so many the error of worldwide governmental ways.
Yes, the weaker among the wealthy were irresponsible when noticing immense depths of profit mechanisms, and they hid the truths for decades, maybe for most of the last century, yet still we are all now together in an imperative dilemma that CAN necessitate a shift in what we call reality, but which, if faced, stands to make all our lives more honorably connected to fairness, while simpler, easier, wiser, and more fulfilling and empowering of genuine collective understanding in true purpose for future generations.
Filling the streets to demand of the status quo may be essential, yet all the features of that status quo necessitate a still broader response in circles of action and a determination to finally establish the funded permanency of a state of mind able to build that imaginable alternative of respect for a truly coherent world governing process, beyond profit as Pontiff.
It can only be fear of loss that makes the alternatives so difficult to accept. Can we help each other face those fears and prove an assurance that no one need be left out in an intelligently derived and simpler world of environmental responsibility?

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